Volatile Stock Market

A Volatile Stock Market: What Can Investors Do?

COVID-19, inflation and the Ukrainian war have all contributed to a volatile stock market in recent weeks. Volatility will continue as usual while one sector is experiencing profitability, another is declining, resulting in declining stock market…
Carbon Footprint

5 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint & Invest in Our Planet

Going green, recycling, buying local, and energy-efficient appliances likely come to mind first when you think about reducing your carbon footprint and investing in our planet. However, the way you bank and handle your money can also help the…
Stress-Free Retirement

How You Can Achieve a Stress-Free Retirement

Contrary to popular belief, retirement doesn't always mean a stress-free lifestyle. It's pretty standard for retirees to face stress from new challenges and worries. The good news is there are steps you can take to achieve a stress-free retirement…
Tax Changes

Tax Changes ‘Self-filers’ Need to Know Before Filing 2021 Taxes

If you are self-filing your 2021 taxes, you may want to double-check. Make sure you don’t miss out on any tax changes. While some deductions will be the same this year, there are other significant changes due to the COVID-19 stimulus plans…
Home Office

Five Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

A clean, organized home office is vital to stay focused, make the most of every workday, and separate your work and home life. Whether your home office is a desk in your kitchen or a dedicated room, it can quickly become filled with clutter…

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